Our VIP Treatment

Trust is a major issue in the auto repair industry—even among Castle Rock auto repair shops—and for good reason. Most dealerships and national chains operate on a quota system where they are required to generate large volumes of repair business month after month.  This means they are actually incentivized to find things wrong with your vehicle.

Not at Castle Rock auto repair shop H&M Transmission—we are looking to earn your business for a lifetime, which is why we designed the Vehicle Inspection Program to give you the VIP Treatment:

  1. Every vehicle undergoes a detailed assessment using the latest diagnostic equipment and physical inspection
  2. Parts are inspected closely to determine if they can be repaired vs. replaced
  3. When replacement is needed we provide multiple options both new and used
  4. Each assessment is reviewed by a team for training and quality control
  5. You receive:
    1. Our promise to only fix what needs fixing
    2. Multiple repair options to fit your budget and needs
    3. Friendly and informative explanations so you can make the best choices