Here at H&M transmission and Automotive, we provide heavy duty and high performance upgrades to your transmission and drive train.

These upgrades are specifically designed to improve your vehicle’s ability to perform heavy towing for recreational as well as commercial uses.  We specialize in transmission upgrades for both gasoline and diesel powered trucks..

In order to produce a transmission to meet your needs, we analyze your vehicle’s current engine and drive train set up, and then calculate the best transmission application.  All you have to do is tell us how you want your vehicle to perform and we’ll build it to match!

Another portion of the heavy tow upgrade includes installing a billet torque converter.  A Billet torque converter, on the average has three times the holding ability of a factory converter.   This allows us to produce instant torque off-the- line without waiting for high RPM to shift.  This leads to better fuel mileage and again, minimizes wear and tear on the transmission.

Our heavy tow transmission upgrade is key to enhanced vehicle performance whether you’re pulling horses, utility trailers or toys.  At H&M Transmission and Automotive, we take the time to ensure your transmission and drive train components are working optimally!