Smart Automotive Maintenance

At H&M Transmission Castle Rock we don’t just care about your car—we care about you and your family. That’s why we work every day to help make you a better car owner to prevent unwanted repairs expenses and accidents.

According to recent studies, 5 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities are clearly caused by automobile maintenance neglect. Taking several simple measures can save you money, save the environment, and even save your life. Your transmission Castle Rock professionals are here to help.

Follow these steps, and you will extend the life of your vehicle:

  • Read your Owner’s Manual, and learn things about your car you would have never otherwise known.
  • Have your oil filter changed regularly, every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.
  • Get all of your car’s fluids checked—brake fluid, power steering, transmission/transaxle, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze—as often as possible, or learn to check them yourself. They are essential to your car’s operation and key indicators of any problem.
  • Keep your tires inflated—full tires mean better fuel efficiency.
  • Keep your engine tuned—some basic engine problems can also impair fuel efficiency.
  • Lubricate your car’s chassis, or internal framework, in order to extend the life of the car’s moving parts.
  • Check battery cables for corrosion and the battery for fluid. Also, to extend battery life, have your lighting system checked.
  • Fix windshield cracks and other damage before the problem gets worse.
  • Inspect and fix any problems with the engine belts.
  • Have your air filtration system checked frequently, maybe every other oil change, to ensure that your car is performing at peak condition.

Remember to follow these basic car maintenance tips, and your car will last longer than you had ever thought possible! Our team at H&M Transmission Castle Rock is here to help.


Service Interval Schedule:

Vehicle System or Component

Check Monthly

Check Every 3,000 Miles

Automatic Transmission Fluid


Battery and Cables




Brakes and Brake Fluid


Cabin Air Filter

Chassis Lubrication


Check Engine Light On


Coolant (Antifreeze)


Engine Air Filter


Engine Oil and Filter




Fuel Filter






Power Steering Fluid


Shock Absorbers and Struts


Tire Inflation and Condition


Windshield Washer Fluid


Wiper Blades